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Compliances Services


Our team will ensure that your accounts and records are kept up to date. This means no collecting bank statements, receipts or papers for you, yet they´ll be filed in accordance with relevant regulatory requirements.


Our comprehensive payroll service takes the hassle out of managing your employees' financial affairs.

We handle:

  • Customised payslips to suit your needs.
  • PAYE, national insurance, Statutory Sick Pay, Statutory Maternity Pay, and more.
  • The administration and filing of statutory forms under the Real-Time Information (RTI) regime.

Company Secretarial Services

Our company secretarial services ensure that your business stays compliant and organised.

We provide:

  • Statutory returns preparation and filing.
  • Meeting minutes and resolutions preparation.
  • Efficient company searches and customised company formations.

Accounts Preparation

We understand the importance of accurate financial reporting, that’s why our service includes:

  • Transaction reporting for your business.
  • Real-time figure management to determine profitability and tax obligations.
  • Timely record compilation and submission to HMRC.
  • Guidance and efficient filing for self-assessment tax returns.

Financial Accounting for Statutory Purposes

We provide comprehensive support for your financial accounting needs, including:

  • Transaction reporting for your business.
  • Timely record compilation and submission to HMRC.
  • Annual accounts preparation for limited companies, submitted to Companies House and HMRC as part of the company's tax return.

Tax Services

Personal Tax

Our Personal Tax services cover:

Inheritance Tax:

Our estate planning service ensures you make the most of lower tax rates and exemptions on lifetime transfers. We help optimise transfers between spouses, transfer agricultural or business property, and arrange life assurance for inheritance tax liabilities.

Capital Gains Tax (CGT):

Planning to dispose of assets like business shares, stocks, or property? Our services assist you in maximising CGT reliefs and exemptions that may apply.

Personal Income Tax:

Our experienced advisers review your income tax affairs, identifying opportunities for deferral or mitigation. We consider your commercial goals and lifestyle, ensuring you benefit from tax savings and stay updated on the latest tax legislation.

Business Tax

Our Business Tax services include:

Value Added Tax (VAT):

We ensure your business complies with VAT regulations, handling VAT registration, planning, administration, and selecting the most suitable scheme for your needs.

Business Income Tax:

Our advisers review your income tax affairs to identify opportunities for deferral or mitigation. We consider your commercial objectives, lifestyle, and tax savings to optimise your business income tax strategy.

Corporation Tax:

Companies estimate their own corporation tax liability and pay taxes by specific deadlines. We assist in preparing company accounts, tax returns, and necessary calculations to ensure compliance with corporation tax regulations.

Business Support Services

Budgeting and Forecasting

Effective business planning - that is setting achievable objectives and goals - is essential for your business's success. We specialise in generating efficient business plans and conduct regular reviews to analyse your business's performance, ensuring it stays on track.

Management Accounting

Our dedicated team provides monthly or quarterly management accounts to help you monitor your business's financial health. We tailor our services to your specific requirements, offering valuable insights and advice to guide your decision-making.

Computerised Accountancy Systems

Harness the benefits of cloud accounting with Singletree Accountants. Cloud-based accounting offers ease of access, allowing you and your team to access critical data from anywhere, at any time.

We utilise Capium software to manage your books and accounts seamlessly, making financial management as easy as a click. Contact us to explore how you can leverage this technology for your business.

Specialist Services

Forensic Accounting

It is the use of accounting, auditing and research methods in solving legal problems. The forensic accounting profession measures the damages claimed by parties involved in legal disputes and can help resolve disputes before they are referred to court.

At Singletree Accountants, we conduct thorough forensic accounting on your behalf, offering proactive advice and maintaining professionalism throughout the process.

Internal Audit

Internal audits play a crucial role in fostering business growth. They provide valuable insights into overall performance and financial control systems. Our internal audit services examine broader factors impacting your business and suggest strategies for mitigation.

At Singletree Accountants, we conduct thorough internal audits on your behalf, offering proactive advice and maintaining professionalism throughout the process.

Contact us to learn more about how our auditing service can benefit your business.

Independent Examination

Navigating complex accounting and reporting requirements is essential for charities and not-for-profit organisations. Singletree Accountants helps you make sense of these requirements and guides you on the best course of action.

We conduct comprehensive independent examinations to ensure your charity complies with all relevant regulations. Trust us to provide clarity and compliance for your charitable organisation.

Limited Assurance Engagement

Our assurance engagements meet mandatory and regulatory requirements, and we deliver an opinion on an organisation's financial accounts, intended for third-party reliance.

We confirm that the organisation's financial statements provide a true and fair view, adding necessary caveats to minimise risk, such as specifying which third parties can rely on the financial statements.

Get in touch to explore how our Limited Assurance Engagement service can benefit your organisation.

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